Preparing Local Level Inclusive Education Policies and Guidelines

Posted on 19 June, 2020

Constitution of Nepal and Local Government Operation Act 2017 have provisioned the education up Secondary Level under the jurisdiction of  local level government. Now, the Local Governments are responsible for the management and development of school level education. To bring the change in the management of local level schools in both infrastructures management and quality of educaiton based on current national demand, Local Governments have to rearrange their education policies and plans as the local facts. Realizing these provision and needs, Haripuruwa Municipality, Parasa Rural Municipality,
Chandranagar Rurul Municipality & Brahmapuri Rural Municipality of
Sarlahi district have started to develop Level Inclusive Education Policies and Guidelines to lead education development process and bring change quality education. 

Centre for Sustainable Development Studies (CSDS) has got an opportunity to be a part of this historical work imparting technical support in drafting the policies and guidelines. Through the participatory process, respective local governments has organized workshops and meetings and collected primary level input and suggestions with facilitation of Rastriya Rojgar Prabardhan Kendra (RRPK) Sarlahi and financial support of World Vision International Nepal, World Education, and Handicap International as a part of SIKAI (learning in the local language). Finally, CSDS has prepared draft of the policies for the local governments separately and endorsed by local government with thier own procedure. 

These policies and guidelines will supportive to the Palikas to align their plan, programme with national policies, programme, and contribute to achieving national and international commitment made the federal government. These policies and guidelines will be milestones for the Education Sections of local governments, Schools, Disable People, Organizations, and SMC/PTAs, women group, youth and child clubs for coordinating and engaging in education development process from Inclusive Education perspective. E:\CSDS\Other Projects\Rastriya Rojgar\Reports\Haripurwa\Inclusive Education Policy Haripurwa (First Draft 27 May 2020 .pdf