We impart our expertise to support in strengthening the Local Governance. Our specific services in governance sector are:


  • Capacity enhancement of Federal and Provincial and Local Governments
  • Policy development studies, Planning and Development Management at Federal, Provincial and Local level.
  • Perform the professionalism to promote Social Inclusion (CFLG, EFLG, GESI Audit, GRB), community development
  • Organization and Management Studies

Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning


We are committed to provide quality services on following research-based services.

    • Independent third-party monitoring
    • Baseline, Mid-line, and End-line Surveys
    • Process Monitoring
    • Feasibility Studies;
    • Project review and Impact evaluation
    • Policy and Project Review
    • Projects Completion Reports Preparation.
    • Environmental studies and mitigation measures.

Planning and Policy Development


We are playing instrumental role in aligning the local level plan and planning process with Provincial, Federal level plans and SDGs. Our services are:

  • Local Level Planning (Integrated Periodic Plan, IUDP, MTMPs, and Annual Planning System)
  • Preparation of DPR, Urban Water Supply Designing, EIA/IEE.
  • Local Level database design and management,
  • Mid-term Expenditure Framework;
  • Revenue Improvement Action Plan
  • Develop Sectoral Policies (Agriculture, Education, Tourism, Landuse Policies)



Spatial Planning and Data Management

We are providing technical support for linking and distributing development process and achievements spatially, with following services.

  • Matric House Numbering System using aerial image taken from Satellite and Drone
  • Heritage and Landuse Planning,
  • Lead knowledge of Digital Profile and Local Level Profile Information Management System
  • Use and sharing of spatial data management tools e.g. GIS, SPSS, CSPro, CRAFT, Kobo Toolbox to improve the data management system at local level

Our Service

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