Welcome to Centre for Sustainable Development Studies Pvt. Ltd.

Centre for Sustainable Development Studies (CSDS) Pvt. Ltd., led by a team of dynamic, highly experienced and energetic research professionals, is established in 2018 to be an instrumental in managing development and local governance. We have been imparting our professionalism in establishing baseline and evaluating the development process. We believe on quality work and committed for quality services to meet the needs of clients. We will be working with innovative ideas to bring change in development management system and governance. Hope, we will able to support our valued clients for their sustainable performance.

Welcome to CSDS

Our Goals and Values

Our Goal

We desire to establish ourselves as a leading service provider in Nepal with designated quality service.

·         Improving Policy Development and Implementation

·         Promoting Efficient Resource Management

·         Fostering Sustainable Development

·         Supporting Community Engagement and Participation

·         Strengthening Disaster Response and Management

·         Advancing Research and Innovation

·         Improving Education and Awareness

Our Values

Quality services for Baseline, Mid-line, and End-line Surveys; Third Party Monitoring; Impact Evaluation; and Policy and Project Review.



Play instrumental role in aligning the local level plan and planning process with Provincial, Federal level plans and SDGs.

Our Policies


We adopt stratified and standardized policies at both office, field and client level. Some of our policies are as follows:

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Our Client